Just had a short break in Mallorca which is a great place for Vegans. There are some excellent eating places, two of the best in Palma are Compost and Bon Lloc. In Puerto Pollença try Bella Verde and if you have a car, it’s a little bit off the beaten track but Villa Vegana is superb for dinner. I better not forget to mention the Tablespoon Cafe in Inca an absolutely divine bakery.

My break gave me chance to take stock and try to work out a future plan for TheOnlineVeganMarket. Our shop lease will come to an end soon and as many of you will have noticed quite a few weekends are now taken up with our attendance at Vegan fairs. This promotes our online offering and more and more of our customers are buying online. I have therefore decided to close the shop at weekends so that we are free to support Vegan fairs, but the good news is I will open on Mondays.

I feel that online shopping is taking over from the high street but I would be really interested in your views, please let me know if you shop online and why you do.

Have a fantastic Thursday!




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