This week has been another busy week already what with our deliveries of loads of new exciting vegan foods and photographing them to get on the website.


I’ve been concentrating on compiling subscription boxes which include The Tea Lover Box which has a really good selection of Yogi Teas, it also features my personal favourite, matcha tea which I make matcha lattes from and use in baking. (I’ll be uploading matcha recipes over the next few weeks on what I make at home)

The boxes also contain barley cup which is a caffeine free alternative to coffee and also contain nice waffles to go along side a nice cup of tea. Everything is of course vegan. One of the hot selling products in store is the yummy Mummy Meagz Rocky Road so I’ve added this the box. It’s their latest edition to their collection. This one is Sea Salt and honeycomb. Definitely worth a try and you get to in these boxes.

So far since launching these subscription boxes last week, we’ve had a lot of interest in them and are now compiling a delicious chocolate subscription box. These boxes can be a one off box or you can sign up for a new chocolate box each month.

More details will follow once I have completed all the photographing and getting them all on the website.


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