Quick and easy recipe. All you need is a good food processor to make it super easy. I bought some beetroot powder from a lovely little independent health food shop in Wetherby. Beetroot powder is my new obsession so expect to see more recipes on here with it in. It’s so good for you had to use it and here was my excuse. Whizz it all up and make it into balls. Eat as you want. They’re about 80 calories, depending on the size you roll them. Full of omegas from the chia seeds and protein for, the almond flour.



0.5 cup almond flour

0.25 cup coconut flour *

2 tbsp. beet root powder

0.5 cup dates, pitted and chopped *

1 tbsp. chia seeds *

2 tbsp. Maple syrup *

1 tbsp. coconut oil *

Unsweetened desiccated coconut for rolling


* All of these you can order from my website or buy in my one and only vegan shop in the whole of Harrogate.


All I did was put all the ingredients in my KitchenAid and pulse away until it’s all mixed in. Then I got a tablespoons worth and rolled the mixture into balls. I then got a little dish and added a small amount of desiccated coconut to it ready to roll the energy balls in. I set them aside in a glass dish with an air tight lid ready to place in the fridge before they were brought out again and sampled by my nearest and dearest.

Just so you know… These work best if you place them in the fridge for at least half an hour or so before you serve them. They keep for a week and about a month if you choose to freeze them.

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